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Celebrating three years of Ray White Valuations

In July 2019, a collective of some of Sydney’s most experienced and reputable valuers joined the Ray White family to open Ray White Valuations. The success and growth of their business has become one of the greatest success stories of Australasia’s largest real estate group.

Robert Wilson, Managing Director of Ray White Valuations alongside his business partners of over 15 years as well as fellow Directors Adam Ellis and Jarrod Plitz decided to make a move.

“We’ve always had an idea of how our business should grow, and over the past three years, Ray White has afforded us the flexibility and support to make our ideas a reality,” Mr Wilson said.

The team have fast tracked the growth of their business, opening a second office in Melbourne within 18 months of operation, and about to launch their third office in Brisbane.

“If this momentum keeps up, we will be able to secure a presence for Ray White Valuations along the eastern seaboard,” he said.

Since joining Ray White, the Valuations team have managed to gain the number two position of highest performing business in the Commercial group in 2020 and 2021.

“Despite the pandemic, the wheels never stopped turning, the valuations kept coming, and the business grew exponentially, with the great support of our wide range of clients” he said.

After a 20 year career in the real estate and valuations industry, Mr Wilson says that the last three years in business have been the most challenging and most rewarding yet, both as a valuer and a Company Director.

“I really enjoy my job and our industry; I am working from the office some days, and out on the road other days, meeting some great characters along the way,”

“One highlight was a few years ago, when I had the pleasure of meeting and valuing the late former Prime Minister of Australia, Bob Hawke’s home,” he said.

Whilst Mr Wilson is still undertaking the odd valuation here and there, his main focus is on growing the business and making sure that all valuers and support staff have the resources they need to complete the best valuations in the industry.

“Valuations are an integral part of maintaining the financial system – enabling people to buy and sell properties and borrow money. Valuations empower people and organisations to make sound, independent real estate decisions,”

Mr Wilson said that as the market fluctuates valuations will become more important for owners and lenders alike.

“The unit market is a particularly interesting one at the moment; as there appears to be an undersupply of units in most of our major cities” he said.

Ray White Group Managing Director Dan White said that he was incredibly proud and impressed by the growth of Ray White Valuations in Robert Wilson’s leadership.

“The momentum that Rob and his team have created is a credit not only to their work ethic and professionalism, but reflects their ambition to provide a genuine national business.  It has brought enormous credibility to our entire group,” Mr White said.

“We have been thrilled to be part of the journey so far, and look forward to doing all we can to continue the growth and success of Ray White Valuations.”


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